This is a must support event for anyone appreciative of Graffiti and its ability to change a young persons life. Estria Battle Kickstarter needs your support to do what they do best by holding the only Graffiti Battle event that includes multiple cities and a finals. Not only does the event hold a battle it holds workshops and gives back to its communities. The youth events are needed now more than ever in some of our cities. By taking something normally seen as negative in graffiti, Estria broadens peoples understanding of the artform and allows them to see a positive side to our culture. We applaud Estria’s non profit organization as they set out to make this event happen once again. Check out the Kickstarter here there is a list of items to choose from for backers. Every little bit helps so please check out their page.


About the Estria Battle and Festival

The Estria Battle and Festival is an urban art experience that builds community while advancing creativity in the Hip Hop arts. Now in its sixth year, the Battle has expanded from the backyard of Eastside Arts Alliance with only 75 people attending to a multi-event, multi-week festival for over 26,000.

The 2013 Battle takes place Saturday, October 12th and is presented in partnership with Youth Speaks at the Life Is Living Festival in Oakland’s DeFremery Park. More than 50 organizations including food justice, environmental, and legal aid groups participate, drawing a broad cross-section of the community.

The central event is The Estria Battle, where we bring 16 top public artists together to paint huge canvasses based on a positive community-focused theme. The Battle is an opportunity for those who create public and street art, rooted in graffiti movements, to show what they do and for the public to watch some of the true masters of the medium. It’s a positive, inspiring, and incredibly fun community event with activities for all ages.

Battle Day Activities

The Stencil Workshop encourages young people to design their own T-shirt. Each shirt is a unique, personal creation.

The Blackbook Battle is an arts engagement activity where young artists (ages 14-21) are given a sketchbook or “blackbook,” markers, and 3 hours to create an art piece based on a positive common theme. Winners are awarded prizes and announced on stage.

The Youth Battle is new for 2013. Youth teams from local arts organizations illustrate a theme based on social and community issues utilizing any visual medium including: paint, markers, and stencils.

Battle Week Events

The Gallery Show (October 3rd – November 3rd) showcases the work of nationally renowned artists who have made their name in public art and who have participated in the Battles.

School Art Workshops (October 11th) bring paint and skills demos to a local school. Local and visiting artists come to the classroom to talk about art career development and art techniques while offering hands on learning activities.

The Sunday Paint Jam (October 13th) is a private event where visiting artists paint a public school in Oakland. This is an important time for the artists and organizers to give back to the community.

Slideshow Lecture Night (October 10th) is a popular slideshow presentation where 10 artists present 20 images for 20 seconds. This allows viewers to get to know the artists and the power of public art more intimately.

Why We Do It?

We work with public artists who want to stretch their work beyond writing their names on the wall (something we enjoy) towards creating important, transformative messages that tell untold community stories, lift the spirit of a place, or point out social issues that need attention. The Battle is one of the few home bases for this movement.

The Estria Foundation’s Mission

The Estria Foundation creates art in public spaces locally and globally. We collaborate with communities on creative projects that raise awareness and inspire action in the movement to advance culture and to resolve human and environmental issues.
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