Matt W. Moore just released this new video and footage from his mural installation at OFFF Festival in Barcelona. The wall was painted on the exterior of the DHUB : Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. MWM works in a style he terms free flow form. Based on the flow of letterform yet not anchored or restricted to them. A purely abstract flow that builds its form through movement and the reference to the letter. Another impressive wall from MWM.


“The good folks at Offf Festival and Montana Colors linked me with a talented filmmaker named Quim Mas for the 3 day evolution of The Mural I Painted. He did a great job of capturing the flow of the freestyle painting and the energy of the crowd. It is a trip for me to watch the playback on a project like this. I get so lost in the moment when I am working I often forget exactly how I arrived at the final results. This particular blueprint and mural was a lot of fun because it alludes so much to letterforms (I am still pulling words out of it as I look at it now. Dozens of “almosts” in there) but it is most definitely a purely freestyle abstraction without any esoteric syntax.”