Mark Lyken and Teo Moneyless recently collaborated on a new wall for “The Canals Project” in Hackney London. Here is a set of pictures during the installation of the wall. This is the second time the two artists have collaborated and it seems they have picked up where they left off. Building a great balance together, Lyken’s soft fading colors are juxtaposed against the rhythmic repetitive forms of Moneyless.


Pictures courtesy of Ian Cox and Cedar Lewisohn

Ahead of the Italian leg of their “Forms and Spaces” Project with Recoat Gallery, Mark Lyken and Teo Moneyless collaborate once again, creating a monster wall over 5 days for The Canals Project in Hackney Wick, London.

The Canals Project is a series of new, curated art commissions for East London’s canal system, commissioned by The Legacy List and supported by Canal and River Trust and Bloomberg LP. Internationally renowned street artists have been selected to participate in the project.

From the Projector Curator Cedar Lewisohn (Author of Abstract Graffiti and Street Art the Graffiti Revolution)

“I’d worked on a small project with Scottish artist Mark Lyken a couple of years ago, and found him really good and easy to work with. So when I saw the collaboration he did with Teo Moneyless, from Italy, I thought it would be amazing to bring both of them to London. I’m really excited about the new work these two will do. One of the most interesting trends in graffiti and street art over the last few years has been artists playing around with abstraction in public spaces. Mark and Teo do this with an amazing amount of flair and just a bit of sci-fi geekishness.”

Participating artists:
Over the next few months murals will be created along the Canal by the following artists:
Mark Lyken (Scotland), Teo Moneyless (Italy) Interesni Kazki (Ukraine) Remed (France) Ekta (Sweden) & Zezao from Brazil

For more info on the project: