She One has been busy in Barcelona. This set of pictures is of walls painted at an abandoned porcelain factory. She One effortlessly transforms weathered and deteriorated walls into the perfect canvas. Painting in his signature black style She One with minimal use of paint is able to effectively transform his environment. Below is a brief statement about the artists work.


“All works are a continuation of my basic theme which is site-specific wildstyle graffiti lettering, I use lettering as a subject, everything comes from my tag, each letter is a response to the unique surface, quickstrike one-shot painting. A tradition that was invented and pioneered on the New York subway system, i feel the energy and intent is the same, its just the environment that has changed. And if you look closely you can still see the ghosts of outline masters like Zephyr and Revolt in the shadows of my works. I began working exclusively in black over a decade ago, eradicating the need for ‘fill in’ as suchas I felt this was the most expressive way to translate drawing onto a surface, essensially the fill in and the outline are one and the same.”

All pictures courtesy of the artist.