Soze from 2501 on Vimeo.

Here is a small preview of some of the work you will be able to see at Italian artist 2501‘s First solo exhibition in North America. “See you on the other Side” will open this week May 24th at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles. We are excited to see 2501 in Los Angeles with his signature line work and newer expressionist series of work. 2501 is an amazing painter who is able to paint from a cerebral place, using his hand to render with only black brushstrokes images and shapes. He also brings a new body of expressionist work to Los Angeles representing circular form and the enigma of its form. Read the show statement below. This is a must attend as 2501’s work speaks loud in person.


Soze Gallery Presents 2501

”See you on the other side” Solo Exhibition

How many lines (circles) (shapes) did I paint (draw), altogether?

The question seems plain. Indeed, actual numbers are often given. But they disagree and – other than variants of “many”- most of them are meaningless because they give equal weight to flea-rabbit and horse-elephant.

The circle shape (form) and its content (lines or void or macchie) discourage the search for a single numerical answer.

With minimal aesthetic of the monotone use of color (variations of black and white with glance of gold and fluo steam) 2.501 questions the deeper meaning of a propensity toward abstraction and toward infinity.

Playing hide and seek with lines and into circles, 2501 creates a vast moving image pervaded by dialectic between seriality –(reality) and disruption, between repetition and variation. (Roughness and smoothness)

Lines highlight the dynamics of graphic influences trough a constant evocative crescendo of juxtaposing and layering; video, tools, images and sounds trace a living path that weaves between explosions and silence, devastation and contemplation, (rise and fall).

Acting as a portal to somewhere else and as a threshold to the exhibition, the circles reveal a process of hidden connections and cuts, became a bridge without linear shape through which the comprehension of the ways of seeing are challenged. Evolving (animated) surface suggest vertiginous ways of experiencing / seeing/ visualizing, according to the point of view that sight is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to people as they are.

How many circle (lines) (shape) will I paint (draw), altogether? I don’t know but I keep looking for (looking at- we only see what we look at) an infinite (we never look at just one thing) numerical answer. Because the relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. And the aim has been to start a process of questioning.

(to look is an act of choice and a process)