Okuda and Remed got together for a recent collaboration. The project part of Campo Viejo vineyards involved the installation of a 6 meter high painted sculpture as well as smaller sculptures and a mural. These pictures are the first in a series of upcoming events involving the artists. The style of Okuda and Remed meshes well establishing a strong colorful result. Figurative yet geometric, soft yet bold the duo compliment each others work.


Pictures courtesy of Nobulo

“Campo Viejo proposed Okuda and Remed artists that would create a work inspired by the expressiveness of their wines … Here is the result. The sculpture of six meters high that have placed in the middle of the vineyard is, according to the creators, “a way to express their conception of life, and symbolizes a bridge between heaven and earth, primarily reflecting the will to live and be happy. This innovative joint experience Okuda and Remed with Campo Viejo has just started, and upcoming events will take place in London, Barcelona, Stockholm …”