Sat One, Poesia, Nawer, Velvet, and Pener

Remi Rough, LX One, and Nawer

Graphic Surgery

Sat one

Kenor Nelio Pez


Nawer Poesia and Gilbert1

During our recent trip to Paris for the Graffuturism exhibition being held at Open Space Gallerie we were able to document some of the walls that were being painted while artists were in town. Solo as well as collobartive walls took place across Paris as an extension of the exhibition. Artists Sat One, Gilbert1, Nawer, Pener, Graphic Surgery, Remi Rough, LX One, Nelio, Kenor, Pez, Poesia and Velvet all got together for some fun. Here is a set of pictures from the Week in Paris leading up to and after the opening of the Graffuturism Paris.