Post Graffiti presented a new exhibition with artists Zoer, Shure, and Velvet of the CSX crew at the Nexus Galerie in France. The exhibition presented new work from the artists as well as some walls during their stay. The artists have become known for their detailed imagery that borders on the sublime. Objects such as cars, boats industrial machinery appear frozen and muted in a soft palette. Taking inspiration from their personal travels and witnessed memories the artists reflect on these moments. The detail and overall execution of the work is impressive, a balance is built between the rough mark of spray paint and the softness of its spray. This exhibition will be open another week so make sure you see it before it closes.


“The paintings Shure Velvet Zoer well and reflect their love for architecture, urban space and all the lexical field environments they visit. Spontaneous and calibrated, they are constantly reinventing spaces, boost curves, more complex elements, deconstruct and assemble modules. their imagination born of their trips are based on a form of reality to make room for the invisible, or a form of utopia where everything is possible. Thus cargo, cars, motorcycles , buildings, cities, farms, and other buildings stand out, fall apart, explode, slide to compress. pictorial These architects you are traveling in a fantasy world where colors become material and where urban elements become much media that subject. “

Practical information:
Organizer: Post Graffiti
Title of the exhibition: Reduction
Place of exhibition: Nexus 2 went mountains of Champagne
DATE / from 30.03 to 28.04
Hours / Open Saturdays and Sundays from 14h to 19h
and by appointment on weekdays
Partners: Molotow, Graffiti Art magazine, Graffuturism