Parisian photographer Thias was able to get past the velvet ropes and enter the infamous historical Les Bains Douches nightclub and bar. These pictures are of the entrance to the night club. As you have seen in previous posts the Les Bains douche is in its final days of an artist residency curated by Magda Danysz ( Lek and Sowat were able to get in early and establish this installation. The artist describes the installation below.


“As for the work itself, we wanted to give the impression that our paintings had always been there, that the date from before the artistic residency. We wanted to work around the idea of ornamentation, giving the impression that one is entering some sort of masonic temple. Finally, a few taggers had already hit the club’s windows when we started working there, so that people could read their name from the street. We just pushed the logic forward by systematically asking visiting artists to leave a backward tags on the window, that added a few black geometrical patters. The idea being to create a weird and abstract vandal glass work.”

The artists who signed on those windows are:

Lek – Sowat – Dem189 – Next – Wxyz – Legz – Popay – Fuite – Apotre – Seth – Clone – Mosco et Associés – Teurk – Spé – Jean Faucheur – Rusty – Tchéko – Ash – Sambre – Skki – Gomer – Akyes