Gilbert1 also took part in the Les Bains Paris installations. Here is his contribution to the project. He also was able to document it thanks to The Mouarf with this video. Gilbert1 impresses once again with this new installation.


Gilberto Uno

Les Bains Paris:

Photos courtesy Stéphane Bisseuil & Jérôme Coton

Video courtesy The Mouarf (images The Mouarf, Magali Moreau, Jérôme Coton & Gilbert1)

The Bains is offering certain internationally based artists a residency. Magda Danysz is curating an event that will furtively reinvent the space as a living space for the artists and a devastating expression of creative freedom.

The golden class of Street Art – d’ASH (Pays-Bas), L’Atlas (France), Futura (USA), Space INVADER (France), Jérôme MESNAGER (France), SKKI (France), SOWAT (France), STEN LEX (Italie), VHILS (Portugal), Gérard ZLOTYKAMIEN (France) etc…– breathing fresh life into the soul of the Bains.
For four months grafitti artists and others will take on the legend of Parisian nightlife to pay tribute to the artistic DNA of the club. Employing different styles, an artistic workshop akin to a 19th centuring manufacturing works will inhabit the full 3000m2.
It’s a novel and above all EPHEMERAL way to bridge the gap. An eternal artistic workshop which will be demolished on the 30th April. A momentary and almost subliminal metamorphoses of a legendary space. Everything is here. It is majestic, new, raw and wonderfully sophisticated. An unlikely return of the transgressive underground soul of the Bains.