Romi recently put together this new Video “Pandore Project” which involved the deconstruction of the artists graffiti style fused with his architectural interests. Mixing these themes with sculpture and video mapping you are left with a performance. We have seen similar projects from Nawer and temporary space design in the past, it is good to see others also take this technique and alter it to their vision.


“(Writing Architecture + Motion + Mapping + = …) This project is the first result of several years of personal research around two themes that occupy my life graffiti and architecture. The idea was to make a kind of “generator” that puts in scene a derivative typographical lettering that cause my immersion in a completely abstract and animated entirely created from this form and my graphic universe. The creative process is done on site to stick better to the configuration space. The major challenge of the project was pre-everything to find a place of experimentation and lends itself to gather all the tools to make the prototype. I realized this project in 9 days but I want to especially thank Thomas and Pauline and The Big teatea without whom this project would never have succeeded.”