JR (New York)

Jonathon Yeo

Marco Pho Grassi



XOOOOX (Berlin)



ANDRÉ SARAIVA (Paris/New York)


AARON ROSE (Los Angeles)



Berlin Based Circle Culture Gallery recently curated a multi-sensual experience teaming up with Pret A Diner in Berlin. A fusion of gallery opening, food, music and people. “Ephemeral” brought together an international roster of artists including Jaybo Monk, Shepard Fairey, Katrin Fridriks, Kevin Earl Taylor, Stohead, André Saraiva, JR, XOOOOX, Aaron Rose, Lennart Grau, Olivia Steele, Marco Grassi aka Pho, Stefan Strumbel, and Jonathan Yeo. An Impressive lineup of artists and an even more impressive body of work was exhibited. Pictures courtesy of Marco Pho Grassi.


“The EPHEMERAL character of all life and the universe is undeniable. The living world, oceans and earth, the animal kingdom, solar system and every human being exist for a short moment in the endless history of time. And so it seems we all are simultaneously the audience and the actors of the beautiful ephemeral happening called ‘life’.

The Circle Culture Gallery space will allow visitors to take in the curator’s concept.
Internationally acclaimed artists will present their statements of like – each with a unique take. Large installations will be presented next to smaller edition works.

An exhibition curated by the renowned Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer. Johann is the co-owner on Circle Culture Gallery and has curated more than 150 art shows in the last 12 years.”

“Pret a Diner started with an idea, one which envisioned a dining experience where Michelin starred food, masterful cocktails, art, music and people are all fused together to create a sensory experience for culture seekers wherever we land.

Not bound by buildings or borders, Pret A Diner journeys across the globe embracing new traditions; we believe there is no creation without tradition, yet no tradition without creation. Innovative experience is at the heart of our mission.

Pret a Diner creates unique settings that is only available to Patrons & Friends who share our vision. For these people, we are a home from home, a haven for Cultural Enthusiasts, Urban Explorers, Music Lovers, Food Fanatics, Party Animals and People Collectors.”