Polish artist Seikon recently teamed up with Yakobo Alka Murat and Dryeye to showcase and exhibit new work installations at the experimental Project space 3A in Gydnia Poland. An intense body of work involving multiple forms of mix media, digital installations, and sculpture. In the words of the artist “The theme of the exhibition perfectly fits the experimental space, which is 3A. Over the last few months it had become a multimedia gallery lab. Its existence and operation relied on geometric analysis. However the search of the artist and his invited guests had gone beyond the quasi-scientific study to understand the phenomenological nature of the line and linearity.” Poland continues to establish itself as a progressive location for emerging artists like Seikon and the group. The show translated to “Line” focuses on not only the definition of the word but also the geometric response of it. It will be interesting to watch the progression of not only these Polish artists, but all our contemporaries as they progress into multi media. From walls to galleries to Multimedia installations today’s artists are pushing forward.


Photo’s courtesy of Seikon and Karolina Koz┼éowska