We have been watching the work of Spanish artist Pantone for a minute now. A respected graffiti writer from Valencia with a distinct style Pantone has made his presence known for some time. Whether its traditional graffiti, fine art installations, canvases, trains or design Pantone brings his unique version of style. When speaking about his work Pantone describes Mercury as perfect adjective, fluid and shimmering. Even with his newer graphic based styles that have been simplified down to 2 colors and playing on space Pantone works with flow and sheen. We have been impressed by the artist’s recent change in aesthetic. His work has been simplified in color and texture, yet become more complicated in its overall flow. Pantone has found a great balance with this new work, one that is not only original but also pushing forward. He has also like so many of our best graffiti artists been working on studio work outside of walls. He describes this in a recent interview “What I do in my studio has everything to do with what I do as a writer of the simple fact that one has absorbed the other. Some time ago I knew how to separate the two, I did two different things for each terrain, but today this has become impossible. And I am not the only one that this has happened to.” MTN World We expect big things from Pantone in the coming years and will make sure to share them with you as well.