Sorry for the lack of updates, still traveling through Europe.  Taking the time and energy for us to sit down and log in has been  hard to come by, but we press on..

Sat One was in London for the Futurism 2.0 opening and it turned out to be a perfect time to collaborate on a wall with London’s own Roid. Two progressive artists on top of their game, each with their own distinctive styles but very compatible, and it shown. It was a pleasure for us to finally put a face to the name of each artist as we were able to get some shots while they were finishing up the wall.

A great mural to leave in the Shoreditch side of London after a successful Futurism 2.0 opening. We only hope we are fortunate to see these 2 talented artists collaborate once again.

Many thanks to the folks at EndoftheLine for providing their wallspace.