“Didn’t know where else to put it. (Typologie reused)“ Neongolden Gallery, Wiesbaden; Groupexhibition “In my colour“, 2012


“Norms” Stroke Artfair, Munich “, 2012

Solo exhibition “Festgeld & Zahnzusatz“ Basementizid Gallery, Heilbronn “, 2012

Walls online-gallery: thelovelygallery.tumblr.com

Boe Vgrfk has remained busy painting walls as well as new work and installations in galleries. Boe who helped establish graffiti collective turned design studio Via Grafik in the late nineties has remained on the edge aesthetically. Being one of the first crews and artists to paint abstractly during the late nineties in Germany Via Grafik always went against the grain. Influenced by design and fine art they exhibited and furthered their influences upon both mediums, making an impact in the streets and with design work for a clients. It is important to point out these facts and the history of Via Grafik to establish a reference point for their work. Here is a recent update from Boe of new work from recent exhibitions at Stroke Munich, Neongolden Gallery, Basementizid Gallery, as well as new walls. Boe aesthetically pushes forward with his raw yet cerebral imagery. We especially favor the installation where a floor of space is transformed into a wallpapered aesthetic of genuine mark making. He also has some work being showcased in a online exhibition which is currently live right now here. Enjoy.