We promised you some opening night pictures from Marco “Pho” Grassi’s solo exhibition “Restituzioni” at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin, and here they are. Intense paintings adorn the walls of Circle Culture Gallery with a crowd of admirers. Found panels, weathered wood, and an eye for the unexplainable texture of nostalgia. Marco is able to start his paintings with history, then build them into his own. Building the paintings up only to tear them down, Marco creates texture through his use of concrete plasters and dirt. An aesthetic common on aged walls within our cities, yet far from the safety of a studio. Walls with memories are recreated with scars and wounds brought to life by the artist. It is this process of constant building and tearing down that Marco finds a perfect rhythm in his work. What is left is a monument to the struggle to create a living embodiment of a wall with wounds so vivid you can feel them. Through this process a sublime beauty emerges through his subdued palette. Soft sepia’s and cool greys leave a serene sense of hope in his work. Marco is a perfect example of a graffiti artist using his experiences as a writer to create amazing art far from the letter based origins. Marco transcends his origins and walks on a plane of masters like Anselm Kiefer, and Antoni Tapies. Not only a master of paint and texture, with Restituzioni Marco Grassi paints pure sensation of all our senses.