We had a chance to make it out to Max Ripo Rippon‘s recent solo exhibition “Signs, Fines, & Cheap Wines” at White Walls Gallery. Ripo has remained busy traveling internationally painting murals. His font based murals are a mix of graffiti, and sign painting with an influence in word play. Recently we have seen Ripo experiment on walls with found material, and 3d elements. We were interested to see where Ripo would take his new work in the solo exhibition. Inspired by his wall work the exhibition was influenced by typography and phrases. Utilizing found material that he had gathered around the city of San Francisco during his stay, Ripo was able to build some intricate collage paintings. With this recent body of  work Ripo continues the progression we first witnessed in his recent mural installations. Our favorite work from the exhibition was his dimensional work on paper. Utilizing mix media, cutting and splicing of paper Ripo was able to create some of the most unique pieces in the exhibition. The show runs till Sept 1st so if you are in San Francisco make sure to check it out.


August 9 – September 1, 2012

“Heavily influenced by sign painting, Ripo creates text-based work with an urban aesthetic, exploring single words and short turns of phrase with a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. Elaborately-drawn fonts, formed with watercolor, ink, graphite, sign painters enamel and oil pastels on delicate hand-cut paper, allow us to appreciate the aesthetics of the words regardless of their associations.

Fifteen works on paper showcase the malleable shape and form of typography with an energy that feels palpable and dynamic. Using techniques of calligraphy and layering, Ripo crafts letters that appear to jut and curve outside of the page in swift, fluid motion. Bleeding colors and splashes of paint burst beyond the constraints of the page, rendered in incredibly fine detail.”