We dont usually post other peoples interviews but our friends at Complex and Nick Schonberger did a great job interviewing Futura in their recent Feature on Futura “The art of Reinvention“. The feature starts in France going over his recent Hennessy collaboration yet covers so much more. From his beginnings to his current projects Complex is able to tell Futura’s story. Read full feature here.Well worth the read below is a small quote from the article.


“Despite his OG status, Futura keeps his finger on the street art pulse. “Logan Hicks is a mastermind, Saber is the sweetest spray painter, and C215 is my brother from another mother,” says Futura, applauding those who wave the flag of progressive graffiti. “There is a whole new crew, this Graffuturism crew. I love that,” he says, “The thing that is great is that it has been coming for a decade. It was great to see 2010 hit. I see things from a decade-to-decade perspective and I see abstract having its time now.”