We stumbled upon the work of Cron recently and were immediately struck by the Russian artist’s walls. Cron paints in a pure abstract style, yet instead of the studio he has ventured onto walls. We don’t have much history of Cron, but judging by his walls he is deeply familiar with Suprematism and influenced by the likes of Kandinsky and Malevich. It is interesting to find these hybrid artists start to emerge on the scene. When we view the work of Cron we see more than just influence from these masters. We also see the influence of graffiti. This new breed of artists will definitely be worth watching as they work their way through today’s scene. Cron is a talented artist whose use of color is amazing. His ability to compose is matched by his knack for structure or lack there of. In his most recent works the addition of texture works well, breaking up the perfection in the perfect places with contrast. One of the interesting points about Cron’s walls is that he also titles them as he would a painting on canvas. We actually enjoy this, even if it is rather different from traditional street pieces. Enjoy.