Saber is considered one of today’s most important artists, not only for his beautiful work but also as an activist for the arts and causes he believes in. Saber will be exhibiting new work at Known Gallery in an exhibition titled “Beautification”. Here are some preview images of the work. With abstract textures, tags, pieces, cityscapes of Los Angeles, and anonymous buffers Saber’s work exists within the graffiti clad city of Los Angeles. Referencing his history as a graffiti writer Saber is to utilize his experiences as inspiration to create beautiful paintings. Where most see vandalism and a threat to their society, Saber sees beauty in the chaos of the streets. The beautification of a city instead of the depreciation of a city. The constant fight against as saber puts it ” the struggle and innovation that is covered in 1,800 layers of “Palomino Beige””. The constant fight against the cities attempts to white wash over the beauty of graffiti. Saber masterfully utilizes all these elements to create amazing paintings. Make sure you make the trip to Los Angeles for this show and see these amazing paintings in person.