Revok will be showing new work in another solo exhibition at Known Gallery. His new show titled “Gilgamesh” will start where his other work has left off as he continues to build new works made entirely of found material. Looking at the new work he is moving into new shapes and away from some of the diamond works he has been creating. Textures, and color are composed to create one cohesive picture. The preview pictures show Revok in the studio, and in his second studio the city of Detroit. Its the abandoned buildings that seem to inspire Revok as he tackles abandoned areas searching and extracting treasures left behind for the artist to find. Revok has always been one of the hardest working writers from our culture, and it makes sense that he takes a hands on blue collar approach to building his own work. The crafted panels juxtapose the deepest textures, with contrasting colors of found nostalgia creating modern mosaics.