Aaron De La Cruz will open his next solo exhibition at Known Gallery this Saturday. The show titled “Something Else” focuses on the accessibility of Aaaron’s art to be taken into new planes. The artist plays with the idea of art as an accessory and engages the user to reach out and partake in normally a guarded aspect of art. Aaron breaks down the barrier or his paintings on a 2 dimensional plane and allows his work to interact with the viewer. This subtle shift in concept brings another dimension to his work. Looking over the preview images we are excited to see the full scope of work from Aaron. If you are in LA make sure to stop by and check out the opening.


AARON DE LA CRUZ / SOME THING ELSE Opens: June 16, 2012 | 8-11pm Runs: June 16 – July 7, 2012

For his most recent body of work, De La Cruz explores the idea of working within the constraints of a resourceful manner creating in his reproductive process a sustainable product. His work retains its signature minimal touch utilizing black ink on an applied surface as well as introducing to the viewer a more interactive and three dimensional form exploring surface. De La Cruz keeps the work non subjective, many pieces in the show are created with the intent that they can be used as “something else,” creating an interactive dialogue between the work and viewer’s imagination.

From his large matte black inverted sculptures to stark two dimensional ink paintings, De La Cruz bridges the gaps between fine art and design, the sum of its parts being simultaneously both practical and decorative. The artist’s cryptic line work invoke an archeological inquisition that is suggestive of both ancient Mayan hieroglyphics and contemporary graffiti, allowing the viewer to relate, interpret and decipher the work on their own terms.

Staying true to the show’s title, “Some Thing Else,” De La Cruz pushes his own personal boundaries with a diverse and multifaceted exhibition. Much as his crisp lines weave throughout his individual works like strings through fabric, the aesthetic elements of his unique voice find themselves manifested in a variety of mediums while remaining a cohesive and compelling whole. Furthering the artist’s amalgamation of art and design, “Some Thing Else” will also feature the debut of De La Cruz’s accessory line and custom crafted jewelry.
“Some Thing Else” will be the artist’s second Los Angeles solo exhibition following his acclaimed large scale showing at the Arkitip Project Space in 2012. More recently, De La Cruz has shown at Honolulu’s Loft in Space where he is a regular contributor to the seminal Pow Wow arts and culture annual event. In 2011, the artist was ranked one of the 25 Most Important Artists by Complex Magazine and his work has been commissioned by several high profile clients including the Toyota Prius Project. The artist lives and works in San Francisco.

All Photographers courtesy of Ken Harman