When we first started Graffuturism in 2010 we would come across impressive pieces from Italian artist CT.  We are not sure how, or why it took so long for us to feature him.  Sometimes just finding information about an artist and especially an artist from around the world isnt always the easiest task. We finally got into contact with CT  and he was able to provide us with some content. In his words “The most important thing in this case is not to send you the “perfect photo album” but the documentation of the long trip from a classic wild style to something else…” This is an interesting point, and a key topic that we have always pondered about certain artists. How has a graffiti artist who paints in a clean abstract style evolved. Has he even evolved at all, or was he a transplant of a hybrid street artist who had transitioned into painting walls. In CT’s case his traditions did start in graffiti. CT was able to give us a glimpse into his 10 yr evolution as an artist.

Its important to take the time to document these things. It can be hard from an outsiders point of view, as graffiti artists we are usually in tune with another writers history. When you go international its a little bit harder to know as much, such was the case with CT. I could imagine a person not involved in the scene trying to understand how an artist got to where they did. Well in CT’s case we can give you a visual glimpse into his evolution as an artist.

As CT mentions in the earlier quote his style has transitioned from a classic wildstyle into something else. Most would view the work of CT and not think about traditional graffiti elements, other than the letterform. As you look closer you can see the subtleties, overlapping planes, negative space creating 3d. His simplification of the letterform towards a type style of letterform is something that you see formed in his earlier work during  a 3d stage he went through. Its interesting to see CT move through these phases, and its exciting as well to see CT still bring most of these phases into his new work. You might say he has stripped everything away and created a more efficient version of style. By stripping away what he didn’t need CT has found something new. The true essence of those previous stages are still there, yet a evolved version emerges. Until we were able to view his past work it was difficult to make these connections. CT’s work is clean, minimal and effective. With the heart of graffiti, yet on a path towards something new.

CT was hospitalized in 2010 for health issues and they had slowed his production.  He is now recovering and plans to paint more. We hope him a full recovery and cant wait to watch another 10 yrs of evolution from the artist.