Samuel Rodriguez has been impressing us with his daily sketch updates on his Instagram (@shortyfatz). Samuel’s abstracted portraits show us the artists exemplary draftsman skills, but also give us a glimpse of something deeper. The Samuel sums up this series of drawings best in this artist statement.

“Working on a body of work that involves hybridity of ethnicities, race, styles and cultures. I plan on exploring this topic for the next few years if not for my lifespan, as it is personal to me since I am considered “Mexican” and that culture itself is mestizo (mixed). On the other hand, this is a hot topic in today’s society since so many different ethnicities, cultures, and styles have been coming together, including myself having a daughter of “Mexican” and “Vietnamese” decent. These labels and associations, although convenient for the sake of conversation, are as abstract and relative as painting and composing on a canvas itself, which means they should be played around with. Lately I’ve been doing so through experimental portraits, mixed treatments, and utilizing textile patterns.”.

Rodriguez is an emerging artist who’s influence travels over many mediums. From design, walls, paintings and drawing Samuel excels in all of them. The drawings are an introduction to some serious paintings the artist is working on for a new body of work. Stay tuned for a handful of exhibitions the artist  will be exhibiting in this year including a solo exhibition at Loft in Space.