Lek Sirius Sambre Reab Fleo Smo Sowat Photo Morac19

Sambre Photo Morac19

Lek Outside Swiz photo Swiz

Sambre Native Outside Swiz Dem Photo Morac19

Lek Sambre Outside Photo Morac19

DEM189 SETH LEK SWIZ Photo Thias

Swiz Sambre Photo Morac19


We have been wanting to do a post on these pieces by assorted French graffiti artists for some time. These collaborative pieces all titled “French Kiss” were painted by a collective of artists. Multiple artists all seem to be able to put aside the ego of their name and paint the theme as one cohesive name. We are not sure if it is an actual crew or a group of artists who decided on a theme and ran with it. These images have been popping up and we have always wanted to be able to put together a collection of them to share. Thanks to Morac19, Thias and Swiz we are able to get a solid group of them to post. Amazing walls with so many styles in one, cohesive yet abstract. Props to the French Avante Garde who continue to inspire us and push the medium.