We have been wanting to do a full Artist feature on Etnik for sometime. This will be a feature on the artists walls. Etnik is a talented artist who paints amazing walls and also is able to create masterful works on canvas. Etnik Shared with us some new walls from the last couple months. Some are collaborations with other talented artists. Etnik works within geometry and lends himself to a more 3d style. Floating geometric forms create massive compositions. His work large in scale lends itself to walls. The scale helps define the forms as they intersect and climb upon each other. This quote from the artist describes it best. “Urban agglomerates and geometric masses intersect violently on opposed plans and different points of view, aimed at representing a cement more and more constricting and an equilibrium even more precarious in the daily lifetime of everyone. A natural point of view, which does not much represent the nature but her attacker…” Enjoy.