Gilbert1 and friends have transformed a building over the last 4 years for a project titled “The Hidden Project“. There is a blog dedicated to the documentation of the ongoing project. Thoughts, concept and photographs explain the project on the blog. Texture and architecture mesh where paint and composition struggle to build a common dialogue. Gilbert1 was able to utilize the weathering of the wall as he would any architectural piece of the building. Nature provides the clearest vision of time with a finish of its own. The artists were able to utilize all of the natural elements and provide their own as well. Strong composition coupled with a strong palette contrasted perfectly the natural canvas the wall. Wish we could see more projects like this. Patience and a clear concept have helped Gilbert1 curate and execute a worthwhile idea in “The Hidden Project”.


“A place in perpetual metamorphosis.

This place is constantly altered by human presence and its consequences, by wear, patina, marks the time that permeate into the background.
According to this principle, the designs evolve over time and are fixed through the pictures at different stages.

The project will therefore evolve until its total destruction, only photographic traces remain.” Gilbert1