When you think about graffiti, painter isn’t always the first thing that comes to our mind. A painter in the sense of Velazquez, or Titian, or a force like Bacon or Malevich. Graffiti rarely is spoken in the same sentence. Jaybo Monk is one of the exceptions. Jaybo Monk is a modern day master. Not only does he work primarily in spray paint, but he uses it in the spirit of a painter. Jaybo has been a long favorite of ours so it was great to see him finally make the trip to the states, and what better trip to arguably one of the hottest art markets in America Los Angeles. Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez we were able to get these great photos of the opening.

Jaybo Monk capped his 3 week residency off at newly launched Soze Gallery with an opening solo exhibition titled “Silent listen”. We had the pleasure of spending the weekend before the opening with Jaybo. An amazing man Jaybo has a quality in him that is rare. Coined Jayboisms you can see the manner of the artist as a humble person understanding the complexities in life and how fast things can change. Jaybo having been through hard times himself knows first hand the importance of the moment. His paintings reflect this moment and how important it is to seize it.  A paradigm shift within graffiti, a move towards painting. As we mentioned earlier a graffiti painter who utilizes the tools and tradition that they have grown up with, and to bring something fresh to it. To take these tools, mix in some new techniques and paint with flesh and shape form is amazing to be able to witness. We watch with intrigue as the doors have opened and a new form of art emerges, Jaybo is one of the artists at the forefront of this movement.

With beautiful form, contorted compositions and flesh, “Silent Listen” delivers a strong showing.