Paum/Sarin from the Ghetto Farceur Crew of France just released this video with Mc Monsieur. Well shot Paum/Sarin paints a piece in a desolate location with some nice instrumentals in the background. Here is a brief summary of the collaboration between the artists.


“Paum/Sarin and MC Monsieur use this occasion to present their collaboration for the first release of the solo album of MC Monsieur, a protean composer in full effervescence since he released his first EP during Christmas of 2011 and is preparing the first album for spring 2012.Paum offers a graphical and surrealistic translation in a dark, shocking and eccentric style with the production of the cover and a music video that coincides perfectly with the Hip Hop opium dens of the “minstrel of the third millennium”.

The Material Clash.”