We had the pleasure of receiving some preview pics and new walls from Mark Lyken. Here are some pictures from his upcoming exhibition at XOYO. We also has some new walls that Lyken has been working on to go along with the paintings. Mark’s explosive work can be described as abstract explosions of color mixed with penetrating lines extending circular strokes of color. A man of many talents Lyken also will be launching an album to go along with the new work. You can see clearly the parallels in his work with music, the rhythm of pulsating circular images mimicking sound vibrating and moving yet standing still. Very impressed with the new work and overall direction Lyken has been moving in. Check out the show summary below.


“Exploring duality in Art & Music, Gamma Proforma’s GP2011 events feature three distinct UK artists with a
common thread, they operate on Dual Channels. Three events at XOYO London during August/September 2011. Each event launches a set of Giclee prints and a soundtrack album by the featured artist. The artists will be in attendance and will perform works at the events. The first 30 attendees at each event will receive a limited edition artist’s pack that includes a signed Giclee print and hand made soundtrack. Support from DJ’s Noel Watson & Nate Thompson plus guests.

Part 2. The Art & Sounds of Lyken – 6.30pm, Friday 26th August 2011 @ XOYO London
Lyken’s layered & gestural work captures turbulent events & cycles along the timeline of a living cosmos. These are worlds within worlds, chemical universes revealed at a microscopic level. His music reflects this same detail, decayed sounds and transmissions shimmer in space, a melodic sea of scientific musical patterns that chime with that certain universal emotion.