French Artist L’Atlas has an upcoming show at David Bloch Gallery titled “Morphologie”. Here are some preview pictures courtesy of the gallery. L’Atlas is an outstanding and important artist of our culture and generation. His work has origins in graffiti, yet has grown into so much more. Keeping in line with tradition L’Atlas still uses his name and the letterform as a basis for his geometric abstract work. You cannot pinpoint, or put L’Atlas’ work into one genre. His work is influenced by many different subjects, yet it still manages to have its own identity. We look forward to seeing and writing a full review of the upcoming show. Till then here is a brief summary of the exhibit.


“The exhibition is called “Morphologie”.
The beginning point of each artwork is a word, generally the name of the
artist himself. It’s written with a regular and geometric typography specific
to the artist, but often encrypted to become unreadable. Here, for the first
time, the letters stand out and hug each other and then a third dimension
Writing is certainly the basis of the work of L’Atlas, but, in some respects,
it’s only an excuse to approach the purest geometric abstraction. That’s
what this exhibition tends”