Aaron De La Cruz recently opened his new Exhibition titled “Long Walk Home” in Hawaii at Loft in Space. Utilizing every inch of wall and even furniture in some occasions, Aaron has transformed the gallery space into his own personal reflection of his past as he contemplates what is next.

The work of Aaron De La Cruz is minimal in nature yet intricately detailed. Working with strong lines and labyrinth like compositions, Aaron is able to speak in a language built of geometric and organic shapes. Patterns start to emerge from what might seem like random markings. The rhythmic and overwhelming paintings start to take over allowing the viewer to see from the artists viewpoint. This is further enhanced in the installation of the artist’s childhood bedroom. The childhood scrawlings on walls have now transformed into a full blown realization of daydreams images and patterns. Working primarily in black ink and paint the confident hand of the artist allows the paintings to have a strong impact. With his brushstroke you are also allowed to watch a genuine and honest painter create marks that have meaning within. A  great showing from Aaaron in this exhibit, and an amazing installation.

Look out for Aaron also in Dec as he will be part of our Art Basel Group Installation.