How and Nosm touched down in LA recently as they get ready for their upcoming exhibition at Known Gallery titled “Achtung”. Their first line of business was to paint an enormous wall in Los Angeles as part of the LA Freewalls Project. How & Nosm are no strangers to large scale murals so it was exciting to watch them tackle yet another monster wall. With this new mural installation How & Nosm  show us not only what is capable from our current graffiti artists, but it also shows us how far we have come as a culture. When I look back over the last 20 years I cant remember a time when we had such free reign across the globe on so many monumental walls. It is great to see artists like How & Nosm getting the opportunity to show what is possible. We all know the problems with Los Angeles and its current stance on murals. See Sabers Petition here. It is great that there are still bright spots and organizations like this that are actively securing walls for artists.

Known Gallery seems to be on a roll,  once again they are able bring an important show “Achtung” to Los Angeles. There are not many artists that can go from painting a multi story mural, to painting a canvas and not miss a beat. Most artists have their strengths in one, over the other. How & Nosm fortunately for us do not. Their gallery work is just as important and intense as any mural they paint. Coming from a Graffiti background How & Nosm are able to contribute to the Art world in the same manner they have contributed to ours. By creating  groundbreaking art there is no line between either. We cant wait to see the final opening pictures. We know that it will be impressive and event not to be missed. So Make sure you dont miss it. If you are anywhere near Los Angeles Oct 15th do your self a favor and go.