As we are catching up on our posts, due to being extremely busy the last month or so. We ran across an older post that we had intended to put out. Somehow we managed to let it slip through the cracks. Featured Artists Boris Delta Tellegen and Greg Lamarche were exhibiting at Guerrero Gallery in a group show titled “Building Context“. It is rare that we are able to catch any show here locally that features Boris’s work or Greg’s for that matter. We were bummed that we were not able to make the opening. Luckily the gallery posted some images of the exhibit which we have posted here along with some work from some of the other artists in the show. The artists included Adam Feibelman, Joey Piziali, Boris Tellegen, Matt Gonzalez, Leigh Wells, Greg Lamarche, and Ray Beldner. Here is a quote to briefly describe the show. “an exhibition featuring works by a set of artists who focus on the utilization of the medium of paper in their craft. This show explores and surveys these artists’ various methods of paper manipulation, which lend to uniquely creative existences to a simple material humbly evident in our everyday lives.” Delta’s works on paper are some of the strongest pieces of art that I have seen from the artist. Delta has worked the paper and manipulated to form a very deep, yet light interpretation of his signature geometric style. The scale of paper compared to his immense sculptural pieces does not reflect a letdown in presence as you might think it would. Even in muted and bleached palettes with the simplest of medium paper, Boris shows us what is possible with less. We were hoping to see more of Greg’s work but there were only 2 pieces on the site. Some of Greg’s typographic pieces, and also an abstract work were exhibited. Both pieces show great creating a nice addition and contrast to the other more muted pieces. Very solid additions to the show. There were also some nice works from the other artists involved. Overall the show was very well curated and we only wish we could have attended the event firsthand.