Its been awhile since we featured new work from Moneyless so we thought it was about that time. The Italian artist Moneyless has been busy traveling and doing some amazing Insitu installations. With nature as his background and medium, he has been installing flying graffiti pieces. I am really feeling the new works and especially the nice textures he has been working with. He has also been painting some nice new walls as well, but the bulk of his work is his flying graffiti installations. Moneyless continues to impress as he continues to paint and install amazing pieces of art wherever he travels. I think this statement below an excerpt from our article he contributed in “Graffiti’s Evolution and Progression” sums up his most recent work.


“A transition from the solid to the aeriform, the same that affects Moneyless’ floating and volatile graffiti.
In this coming into being and dissolution, in this alluring tension to reach the marrow of life Moneyless’ floating graffiti are the result of a transition from the solid to the aeriform. Here resides the fascination of Moneyless’ research and his artistic wandering/wondering back into the woods. A process to cleanse and reach purity. An attempt to distillate the essence of our ephemeral existence.”