We had the pleasure of visiting the great city of Barcelona Spain during our recent tour through Europe with Collabo Arts. While we were there Persue was able to shoot a video with Barcelona Montana Colors with a guest appearance by Poesia. The fact that we were able to paint on the beach, was a plus on this scorching day. Being able to jump into the water and dry off finishing the wall painting this spot was also amazing. With cityscape views on side, and ocean views on another it was hard to concentrate in such a beautiful place. We would like to thank Montana Colors and the whole team for showing us so much love and hospitality while in Barcelona. It was very hard moving on from this wonderful city. Great times, I am glad we were able to leave a little something for Barcelona to remember us by.


“With PERSUE (7th Letter Crew), from San Diego, visiting Barcelona recently with Poesia, Duser and William – Collabo Arts, and also, with the release of his limited edition product over the next few days, we were inspired to launch this video, edited by Scar Studio, with music by Strand + Tres + Omniscient. Sun, beach, graffiti, and some friends; what more do you need? Hope you like it.”