When it comes to graffiti artists, there aren’t many that have the qualifications and accomplishments of Saber. Whether it’s his tenacious attitude and love for the culture, or if its his ability to tell a great story. Saber is truly an Icon. I had planned to post these pictures after his opening in New York at the Opera Gallery titled “American Graffiti Artist“. For some reason or another I wasn’t able to post them until now. It seemed like a perfect time as MTN just released this well edited and shot video “Plain and Simple”. As the title suggests, Saber speaks candidly about his current work as well as other issues. A very well executed conversation style interview.

If you follow Saber on twitter, you will know first hand how he is able to utilize social media as a tool to comment on several types of issues. It’s refreshing to see him be able to transfer his artistic and graffiti inspired determination into social situations. Not only do Saber’s paintings maintain the energy and texture of his walls, the symbolism associated with the American flag drives home whats at stake here. He is able to not only create a dialogue, but also influence his peers and followers through many different forms of media. Saber has gone from bombing walls, to bombing twitter time lines to get his points across. Progression in its truest form, and in real time.

Graffiti is growing up. We have had a voice for sometime, but today it seems louder than ever. Artists like Saber are an example of the ever changing mentality of today’s art world. Growing out of the streets where we have scribed, tagged, painted our way into history. We now are faced with the question what is next. We feel that Saber is an artist that is addressing this question daily not only aesthetically but also socially. Looking forward to where he takes it.