Very nice conceptual Installation from Romi of the Ghetto Farceur crew from France. Known for his colorful futuristic wildstyles, Romi conceptually brings this burner to the basics. Form, space and the line capture a moment in space. I have seen some great installations based on similar concepts using wool, or string but this is the first time i have seen it used to form an actual sketch of a piece. Raising the bar once again as graffiti shows again its ability to redefine and break into new ground.


Wool evolution. Spraycans are not the only way to write something… Graffuturism Frenchy

“I wanted to do graffiti, but I can not afford,
I wanted it costs me a minimum, but to make tons
I wanted to make the arch
but I did not want the system,
I wanted the future … structures and more …. so I want to do it everywhere … even if it is for nails …”

In French

“Je voulais faire du graffiti, mais j’avais pas les moyens,
je voulais que ça me coûte un minimum,mais pour en faire des tonnes
je voulais faire de l’archi
mais je voulais pas du système,”
je voulais du futur… et plus de structures….je veux donc en faire partout…même si c’est pour des clous…”