Check out this Monumental New installation by Lek and Sowat at the WIP Villette in Paris. The building had previously been painted with an installation by graphic designer Ruedi Baur. Lek and Sowat attempted to cohesively apply a new installation that worked with the current work under the constraints of only 2 days to accomplish the task. A big assignment, yet the the Artists took the deadline and space to create one of the dopest murals of the year. I have been following Lek and Sowat’s work for some time and this mural only solidifies what i had already been seeing from these two. Great artists doing some of the most innovative graffiti in Europe and the world, abstract in nature but big in presence and impact. Thanks to Thias and Vitostreet for the pics and for documenting whats going down in Paris.Seems that France is putting in some serious work and from the reports its just started. Stay tuned.