Do-It is one of those artists that you see their work or in my case when i first saw one of his freight trains, you realize that graffiti is still able to surprise me. Sometimes we feel like everything has been done and experimented with, I’m sure it has to some extent, but viewing the work of Do-It it reminded me of the possibilities. The second part that always gets to me is when i ask myself, who is this artist and why haven’t i seen his work before. I never figured out much about Do-It’s work until I ran across a small interview on him here. A refreshing artist in a culture and medium of aggressiveness. The subtlety and honesty of his pieces flowing by on a train or benched in a yard seem to be a perfect place for transition. Showcased here are some new works from Do-It. Working in wood and blocks of color his work builds dialogue with moving textures yet his work stands still in groups of color. Were really looking forward to new work and projects in the future. Here is a statement from the Artist below.

“I’ve been painting graffiti since 1996. I concentrate most of my efforts toward freight trains. I paint with the intent of pairing down traditional graffiti letters to their most basic forms, but lately I’ve been exploring other mediums, constructing letters out of paper and wood as well. Mainly I’m just pushing myself to think about graffiti in new ways.”