I dont usually get into the news blog hype and Street Art Jerk off sessions that most of the Art Blogs are involved in. Today is an exception, as i continue to read and see post after post about Deitch Safest Show on Earth poster, I just couldn’t let this one go. I stated yesterday that if some graffiti based artists where to do anything of New value it wouldn’t make one art blog. But still making the headlines a street art poster that has every street art blog talking about it, and throw in the continued moaning about the censorship of Blu’s Mural. Meanwhile in Los Angeles Real Censorship is taking place and underway, as twitter as exploded with images of the Illegal buffing and censoring of a Monumental Mural with Artists Saber Retna Os Gemos, Revok, Rime, Norm, and More. Please get on twitter and retweet any news or articles you can find about this. Follow Saber on Twitter for updated News. You would think this deep into Moca and the Art in the Streets Exhibition Los Angeles would be embracing its history, not trying to wipe it one illegal buffing at a time. Ill keep this article updated with any new links as they come available to help. Pic courtesy of Norm’s Twitter.



It looks like this turned out to be an accident or some type of mis-communication from a graffiti removal company. There were rumors that with recent issues with the city and its attempts to remove graffiti murals recently, that there would be some serious buffing coming up in the Melrose area. When this mural got targeted for removal, I think it set off some of the fears that the city was acting on its stance of being anti-graffiti. The graffiti removal company had received complaints that this mural was done illegally, so they illegally trespassed without permission and started to paint over the wall before being stopped by the walls owner. Time will tell if this is one of many murals in Los Angeles that will disappear in the case of more mistakes and mistaken identity claims. Will this be a one time mistake? The significance of this mural and the prominence of the artists involved that were painted over will have some serious aftershocks. The disregard of their artistic merit of this mural so close to the opening of Moca doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Los Angeles. With this new age of Twitter and its viral strength we could see some very widespread action from the artists and its supporters if this continues. La Weekly posted a great article about the event here.

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