We proudly present the work of Southern German artist ABCDEF who currently paints out of Austria.  The uninformed might walk past his work as some conceptual abstract ramblings of yet another street artist, wanting to paint on walls. Whether  its the newest fad, or to gain some gallery interest there are plenty of artists out there without much history. I am glad to say that his work although conceptually deep at times , and aesthetically very good, still comes from a Graffiti artist.  If you know our site we try to showcase artists that we feel have some deeper connection to graffiti, or have evolved and pushed their art into new directions. Abcdef falls in this category. Pushing conceptually, as well as aesthetically his version of graffiti. He continually fights with himself to become greater, to paint something that hasn’t been painted on a wall before. Looking at his older work, and  his very strong use of abstract, geometric, and type based themes and now watching his new paintings. You can see him taking away letters, and color. The stripping away of the readable letters, and working in a grayer as well as black and white palette you start to see his attempts to minimize even further. I really like his colorful early letter based work, yet I am really interested in where he will take this new direction. We are proud to feature this artist, and we will keep you up to date on new walls from ABCDEF in the future. Abcdef sent me a brief Bio but I think this quote from the artist himself fits a bit better here.


“another day another story: In Summer 2000 I went to the Farbfachhandel to buy some spray cans. Like some of you can imagine, those colors changed my life. There were lots of things about writing I loved, but what really caught me was wildstyle. In December 2000 Backspin no25 was released, with Delta on the cover and an Amok77 special. These pages blew my mind like nothing else before and after. Even though the mag is still next to the toilette, who the fuck needs wildstyle anymore. After so many years, so many bad interpretations of so many people… To me it doesn´t make any sense to try to stay in line with writers like Delta and Amok77, obviously to most of you, it does. A piece that is quite good and maybe appears in a mag or in any case on a website doesn´t push any fucking boundaries. You may regard this as a kind of parody, even more, a “killing tribute to graff”. I´m afraid you never read this.”