LX Remi Antistatik

LX One Remi Rough Sketch for Mural

LX One Remi Rough

Better late than never, here are a couple of walls from Late 2010. Mr Remi Rough and LX One where able to get together with Antistatik, and collaborate on a wall in Strasbourg. Its always interesting watching artists with similar yet different styles come together and collaborate on a wall. Really impressed with the outcome. I especially liked the use of negative space in the first mural, leaving some texture in the background was a nice touch. The second wall is a track side wall LX and Remi Rough knocked out, and again another great collaboration from the Agents of Change duo. I hadn’t seen many LX One walls before this, and i was impressed. Were looking forward to seeing some new work from all these guys this year. Stay Tuned.