Swiz Sambre

French artist Swiz has been painting some interesting work lately around France with a focus on the Paris district. I have been a fan of his work after running across his Flickr last year. We have posted some of his work on the site in the past, so I figured it was time to post a group of his work for a feature.

Blocks, fonts, type, mix media murals. All of this and yet Swiz still maintains his traditional style technique. A very well rounded writer, yet to me its the conceptual direction and at times intricate details that make Swiz’s work stand out. Most of his work is done in abandoned areas, or in the streets. This makes the detail of his work appreciated just that much more. When you think it has all been done an artist like Swiz Comes along and are able to look closer and see the detail in his work and again see the possibilities. You also can look at another part of his work, as he moves sculptural pieces from location to location only to refresh a piece with a new surrounding. We Hope you enjoy, here is a quick bio from a recent interview Swiz did with Blazing magazine.


“” Swiz is a young and creative boy who goes out of the mass by making his bionic mark on society. If you walk on Paris streets, you will see plenty of his tags or pieces. If you enter in suburban abandoned factories, you will meet one of his wild and meticulous colored pieces. Nobody can be indifferent to his work, nor an old time writer nor somebody who don’t know nothing about graffiti. He participated in several exhibitions in Paris museums as the “Grand Palais” and the museum of modern art ” Palais de tokyo”. Let’s show you some simple science fiction typography and fine mechanic writing, straight from the so cute french capital.””

Swiz’s Blog