Push Untitled


Push Untitled


Push Untitled


Push "It Fell apart at the End"


Push "Same Different One"


Push Untitled


Push "Kicked IN"


Push "Rehsup"


Push Blocks


Push "Good Morning"



Los Angeles based artist Push was recently featured in this new “Seventh Day Project” from the infamous “Seventh Letter Crew”. I figured what better time to feature an artist that I have been admiring for over a decade now. I remember first seeing Push’s amazing walls in the late nineties, even then he was pushing the boundaries with his huge pieces in brush and spray paint. This was in a time when not many artists would use a brush on a piece. Push was way before his time then, as he has been in this last decade. His move into abstract and conceptual based themes, again shows his ability to always be ahead of the curve. Push is a well rounded artist keeping to tradition with dope hand styles, clean walls, excellent color and design, mixed with some great 3 dimensional pieces. When you think about a graffiti artist that is evolving in today’s age of graffiti yet, keeping with tradition Push comes to mind. I look forward to future updates and projects from Push in 2011. Thanks to Known Gallery for the pics.


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