Antistatik was one of the first artists we featured on the site. We have been going back and forth for awhile on the site, and the idea of graffuturism. I think he truly is one of the artists that understand, and embody this idea we have started. So it was great to finally wrap up this interview we did with Antistatik and finally be able to show you all these pictures he has been sending me. A true innovator and a breath of fresh air in our current state of graffiti. Here is the interview with us and Antistatik.

GF: So give us a quick history and bio of Antistatik?

Antistatik: Antistatik was born in 1998/1999, create with friends Aloux, 345, Sly, and myself at the time , other members that completed the family St-Ez, Ugoe,Siro, Jean , and some other connected people. We stayed free to do what we like,with or without the idea of “Traditional Parameters” from Graffiti. Everybody was bringing something: Architecture , illustration, music , but “techniques and materials” too. I always sprayed a lot more than my partners and i would always sign me pieces ANTISTATIK. But with time people didnt know anymore, who made what! At the same time , I started to work with galleries and they didn’t understand that I was signing for my Crew Not My Name.

So we started a new Story , same people same spirit but with an other name :Orbit 119. Erico, an Old school writer came and connected with the movement. Now everybody , has their place and we work in a total independent way and that is most important. When you create, always feeling free! As a spinal column,a missile with a homing device , i still write Antistatik but now alone. Orbit 119 is, an experimental Crew directly straight on the Antistatik Spirit and Style: Dirty, Destroy, Graphic, Experimental, Painting Free, those are the words! So to conclude: ANTISTATIK , like the word says is always changing and always in research of creating a way with my crew Orbit119.

GF: So Antistatik started as a crew but turned out to become your own name? I also seem to get confused at times when i see people in France, and Europe in general paint because a large mural would look like it was the work of one person but it turns out it to be a collaboration of artists. How would you say that being part of a collective has influenced your style? Also can you explain a bit how or why that this is more normal in Europe to paint one mural with multiple writers. It seems that there is more a group collaboration in effect for the sake of the mural rather than a one person for themselves type attitude, is this correct?

Antistatik: Yes Antistatik started as a Crew in the year 1999 and is now my name. I think that i am more inspired by my Partners as they are inspired by me as well. I paint more and i Show my Works , we speak about and search other directions ,for everybody. It’s really important for me that everybody in a Crew , can express themselves, and that’s why maybe, our productions seem like a one man wall.( i sent you a lot of one man walls)

I don’t know why in Europe it looks more like this compared to other countries. Maybe , we prefer one Big image with harmony , than a lot of pieces on the same wall. For example , i see a wall like a Canvas, like one image, one dynamic, one sensation. Maybe we are less “individualist”. Anyway , it’s less easier do to do such a wall, as a wall where everybody comes and makes their style without connection or harmony with other writers, that’s individualistic. We really make a wall as teamwork. Maybe in Europe , we have more so little team as in America. I say little team, ’cause the more of you are , more is hard to connect everybody.

I think (everyone from graffuturism), we start something new, and we bring a freshness into Graffiti, but we are starting that. Innovation is the word.

GF: I really like that aspect of the walls you guys paint and it is refreshing to see a team process in a medium that can be all about the individual. How is your local graffiti scene it seems to me that France has a very open idea of graffiti, or at least the work coming from there recently seems to be very progressive.

Antistatik: France is very traditional country(politic, school, education), but we make what we want. Its like you stated some Artists and Writers are going forward in this direction now because i think it’s one of the next graffiti movements.

GF: I see you also paint some canvases, are you planning to go deeper into showing at galleries in the future.
Antistatik: I paint canvases , when i have time, and the energy to do that.Canvases are another world. I must be more concentrated. Like i said to you earlier, for me walls and canvases , are not far away. You just need other tools(sometimes). I test lots of techniques outside and bring them on canvas. At the moment , i work with a Gallery in Germany, and we take time doing that good. Graffiti on Canvas is new for a lots of people, and like that my Graffiti is not traditional, it’s less easier, but anyway I do my things, Walls ,canvas…its essential to produce, and produce good.

GF: How has your local Art scene adjusted to all these new street artists and graffiti artists?

Antistatik: I don’t really have an opinion on the Local Scene, let’s they do! Everybody is free to do good things or shit. I concentrate on myself , that already takes lots of time.

GF: As far as style and Graffiti where do you see yourself taking it in the future?

Antistatik: I just want to say to you that the message is simple: innovation through the production. I don’t think yet, of the future, i paint ,point. Its always easier that the way.

GF: Who are your artistic influences or influences in general?

Antistatik: For the influences: You can take all for influences, the Clouds, the sky, a shape, a light, an old car….i take all and do a mix.

GF: How about putting it this way just so people can get a idea of how you approach a wall this might also be a tough question but try your best. How do you approach a wall or a new piece and what is your initial purpose. For instance is there a color scheme or is there a overall design and movement you try to achieve. When people look at Abstract they see different things, when i look at your work i see movement and structure all in one. Take what you will from this question.

Antistatik: Ok, the base from my work ( when i don’t paint a character) is Letters, but i try too bring emotions too. Violence , brutality often, i try to bring the energy from an illegal piece on legal spot. i don’t like painting a piece too long, creation is Speed, although the process on paper is long. At the End , if people can’t read , for me it’s not a problem, because emotions are speaking too. Movement, structure clear, like an Architect i do lines, i cut dynamic, to have new logical way. We know that lots of people write from left to right, start from the end or from the middle, you’ll directly have new lines, new vibes. I always paint freestyle, no sketches for have a look, all come out in One time, that could be good or bad, that’s the game.
Movement and structure are united, High flow, Low flow all days are different so all feelings in front of a wall are different, colors or just black and white, i take what i have.

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