If you are lucky enough to be anywhere near Milano Italy you wont want to miss taking a look at this show with Veteran Abstract Artist Marco “Pho” Grassi and Abstract Figurative painter Jaybo Monk. We have featured and interviewed Jaybo Monk so you know how talented i feel he is and i wish i could see this show in person. Looking at the pictures that Marco Posted on his facebook the show is beyond impressive. The pairing is a perfect compliment in style and pallete. Marco’s textured abstract work is mesmerizing in photo’s and im sure in person only could add more depth to the already many layers he uses in his work. Jaybo is his extradorinary self and his ability to keep pushing his painterly style forward is a treat to watch unfold. Thanks to Marco Grassi’s facebook for the Photo’s. You can see more pictures on his page which i linked below.

Excerpt from AvantGarden Gallery
“On May 20 Avantgarden Gallery presents “Dècadentisme,” the first exhibition to see the comparison with Berlin artist Milanese Pho Jaybo Monk. The artists will present a series of works inspired by the Decadent movement, one of the most important literary movements of the mid-nineteenth century.

Besides the findings, wood panels of various sizes, characterized by strong gestures and sign for the Great Black Code, Pho show for the first time a series of monotypes on paper titled “Admissions.” Jaybo Monk presenting instead a series of paintings of various sizes including a large diptych. The protagonists of his paintings are imperfect bodies, often maimed, obtained through a figurative painting then deconstructed.”

Marco “Pho” Grassi Facebook page

Jaybo Monk’s Facebook