Sometimes i find some of the artists i feature randomly while searching different sites across the web, in most cases i know very little about an artist other than the impression there work makes on me. This is one of those artists. After looking at his work on other sites and having XPOME give me a quick biography about himself it is refreshing to see a different perspective in his origins and influence, but yet still contributing and in our culture of Graffiti. So i introduce XPOME here is a quick BIO below and thanks to Marin Kafedzhiiski for the Photos.

Origin: Sofia, Bulgaria

I started writing in 2001, when I discovered the book “Graffiti Art #8 – murals and characters” by accident. I was deeply impressed by the works inside, especially from guys like Loomit, Daim and Esher. So i started doing pieces and walls without any tags or throw-ups before that, which was strange, but it was my way at least. At the end of the same year I went to Germany to study architecture – that was the second way for me to change urban visions.

Actually I was drawing since my childhood a lot, I also loved to play and construct things out of LEGO. So I found my best way of self-expression in writing and design/architecture. Around 2004/5 I got concentrated more and more on letters and graphics. Since then I experiment with the letters of my name ( XPOME is meant in cyrilic letters and means as much as the color CHROME, coming also from the word chromozom ). I am trying to find new solutions by giving letters one and the same basis.

I think I was influenced also by the work of the famous Bulgarian graphic-designer Stefan Kanchev, who developed most of the logos and typo-graphics in my country.

I live and work now again in Sofia, Bulgaria, but my passion to travel remains. I represent both ROCKNROLLERS and TYPOETS CREWS .

You can see more of my works at: