Graffuturism introduces you to yet another very talented Artist who’s work is truly a testament of being on the forefront of innovation and design not only in his graffiti but with all mediums that he chooses to work in. When i look at the work of Sign i see a very honest approach to graffiti through the breaking down and shaping through geometry and design. His canvas work is also very motivating as it captures a Clean yet painterly aesthetic perfectly balanced yet with great movement. German Born artist Till Heim also going by the name “Sign” started painting graffiti in 1995 he is also part of the Art-Collective Via Grafik. In 1998 Via Grafik was founded as a Graffiti-Crew. A common passion of the Artists is the connection of Graffiti, Art and Design. Nowadays Via Grafik has international recognition for many exhibitions and publications in books and magazines. Till Heim works in addition to Art as Motion Designer, Graphic- and Graffiti-Artist. We hope you enjoy his work and you can find links below to more of his artwork. Look out for more features from Sign and Via Grafik from Graffuturism in the future.

Da Crew

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